Go High
2 min readJan 19, 2022

Website: https://highdeflation.com

Fixed supply < 21,000,000,000 HIGH

💥 Burning fee on Pulse Chain : 9%

Burning of 100% Fee on every transaction create’s High deflation rate.

High produce a deflation rate which is on next level it’s burning functionality burns every time a transaction happen.

HIGH is on pulse chain with PulseX and Go High liquidity pairs & locked for 21 year’s, which makes it completely unique performer fairly launched with complete Decentralization.

Only one functionality of burning & fixed supply on a ownerless open source contract will bring deflation and profitability to next level.

High Allocation:

89% — For Community Sale and 🔒Locking liquidity on DEX.

11% — Development(Promotion’s & Team).


Each HIGH holder must share once socially this is the only way to spread and grow fast together. Time we all start working for each other we truely start working for ourself and no one can stop us to Go High.


  • Fixed supply.
  • Renounced owner.
  • Multi sig. cold wallet’s.
  • Decentralised exchange’s.
  • Liquidity locked.

High potential:

Potential of High is determined by its burning scale which depends upon community. Due to its high deflation rate high can achieve any level height’s and kill inflation with it’s extraordinary profitability.

Build for future:

High is a futuristic project specially build to overcome any level of falls in future, can you imagine high reduced supply in future on massive burning rate’s its insanely focused to create deflation for high holder’s and decentralise burning process continues…



Go High

Website: https://highdeflation.com Burning fixed supply on each transaction create’s High deflation rate and increase value.